Quantitative Morphogenesis Laboratory

University of Toronto


06/2021 - Gonca led a lively discussion in the Modelling Cell Development and Regeneration Discussion Group!

06/2021 - Gordana gave a talk at CanFly. Nice job, Gordana!

06/2021 - Negar gave a great talk at the Developmental Mechanics International Seminar Series!

05/2021 - Gonca won best postdoc poster award at the Biophysical Society of Canada meeting. Congrats!!

05/2021 - Katy gave talks in the Cell Migration Seminar series and the SDB Postdoctoral Seminar series. Check them out at the links!

03/2021 - Negar gave a talk at the GSA Drosophila Research Conference. Nice job, Negar!

03/2021 - Katy gave an invited talk at the Princeton Developmental Biology Colloquium. Great job!

02/2021 - Ana Maria passed her proposal exam and is officially a PhD candidate! Congrats!

12/2020 - Gonca was selected as a Columbia University Rising Star in Engineering Health out of 160+ global applications. Congrats, Gonca!

12/2020 - A team from the RFG lab got 3rd place in the TBEP virtual holiday trivia event. Nice job!

12/2020 - Gordana and Katy presented posters at the annual ASCB meeting.

10/2020 - Negar passed her transfer exam and is now a PhD candidate! Congrats!

09/2020 - A paper written by Gordana and Alex is now out in Methods in Molecular Biology. Great job! Check it out.

08/2020 - Ray won best bioengineering podium talk at the annual Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD). Nice job, Ray!

08/2020 - Negar received the Barbara and Frank Milligan Graduate Fellowship. Congrats, Negar!

06/2020 - The RFG lab has returned to the lab at reduced capacity. We are excited to be doing experiments again, but doing everything we can to make sure everyone stays healthy!

06/2020 - Negar gave a talk at the Bioimage Analysis Workshop and was voted Best Trainee Talk. The RFG lab attended the workshop remotely. Great job, Negar!

06/2020 - A paper from the Bendeck Lab that Katy contributed to was published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. Check it out!

06/2020 - Katy gave a talk at the Ontario Cell Biology Symposium. The RFG lab attended the symposium remotely.

05/2020 - Undergraduates Kelly and Ray join the team for the summer, working on computational projects. Ray is supported by an NSERC USRA Award and Kelly is supported by an ESROP fellowship. Congrats and welcome!

04/2020 - Miranda was announced as a runner up to the 2020 Larry Sandler Memorial Lecture Award for her PhD dissertation completed in 2018. Congrats, Miranda!

04/2020 - The RFG lab remotely attended TAGC 2020 to see all the wonderful research spanning genetics in a variety of model organisms.

04/2020 - Gordana was awarded an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship. Great job, Gordana!

03/2020 - The RFG lab has temporarily closed down except for essential fly maintenance in response to Covid-19. We hope everyone stays safe and look forward to our return.

02/2020 - A paper from the Gramolini Lab that Jessica contributed to was published in Nature Communications. Check it out!

12/2019 - Rodrigo gave a symposium talk and Katy presented a poster at the annual ASCB-EMBO meeting in Washington, DC.

12/2019 - Gordana received the CSB department's Yoshio Masui Prize in Developmental, Molecular, or Cellular Biology. Congrats, Gordana!

12/2019 - Clara gave a talk at the 3rd Global Fibrosis Network Night.

10/2019 - A collaboration that Jessica worked on with the Tepass Lab was published in PLoS Genetics. Check it out!

10/2019 - Welcome to our new PhD student, Ana Maria!

10/2019 - Congrats to Anna and Katy, whose paper on actin and myosin dynamics during wound healing is now out in MBoC. Check it out!

09/2019 - Welcome to our new lab member, Gonca!

08/2019 - Negar and Katy attended the first annual Ontario Cell Biology Symposium. Negar received an award for the best 12 minute talk, congratulations!

08/2019 - We have said goodbye to some members (Gary, Jessica, Alex, and Iván) and welcomed some new faces (Clara and Michelle). Check out the People page to read more about RFG lab members!

07/2019 - A collaboration with the Peifer lab that Alex worked on was published in MBoC. Check it out!

07/2019 - Jessica successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Yu!

06/2019 - Gordana passed her Proposal Examination and is now officially a PhD Candidate!

06/2019 - The RFG Lab attended CanFly as a group. Gordana gave a podium talk while Negar, Jessica, Chris, Katy, and Alex presented posters. Everyone had a great time!

06/2019 - Gordana received the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS). Congrats!

06/2019 - Chris gave a podium talk at the annual retreat for the Collaborative Specialization in Developmental Biology.

06/2019 - Katy's review about cytoskeletal networks in embryonic wound repair was published in MBoC. Check it out!

05/2019 - Chris won first place for his podium talk at the annual IBBME Annual Research Conference. Congrats, Chris!

05/2019 - Gary, Katy, Chris, and Gordana represented the RFG lab at the annual Let's Talk Science Challenge, inspiring future scientists. Check out a summary of their experience on the CSB News page.

05/2019 - Gordana gave a talk at the annual CSB research day. Great job, Gordana!

04/2019 - Chris and Katy both received fellowships! Chris received the NSERC Doctoral Graduate Scholarship (CGS-D) and Katy received the CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congrats!

03/2019 - Rodrigo, Jessica, Gordana, and Katy travelled to Dallas for the Annual Drosophila Research Conference. Jessica gave a talk and Gordana presented a poster and a poster preview talk.

03/2019 - Chris represented the lab at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting and won a Student Research Achievement award for his poster. Nice job, Chris!

12/2018 - Gordana and Rodrigo wrote a preview of a paper for Developmental Cell. Check it out!

12/2018 - Congrats to the winners of the TBEP Holiday gingerbread house contest! The team was made up of RFG lab and Simmons lab members.

12/2018 - The RFG Lab was well-represented at the annual ASCB/EMBO meeting! Jessica gave a talk and poster, while Gordana and Negar presented posters. Great job!

12/2018 - Gordana and Chris presented posters at the 3rd Annual Medicine by Design Symposium. Nice job representing the lab!

11/2018 - Congratulations Dr. Anna Kobb! Anna successfully defended her thesis and is moving on to a position at Interface Biologics.

11/2018 - Congratulations to Miranda, whose paper on the signals that orchestrate the embryonic response to wounds in fly and fish embryos is out! See Publications to learn more.

10/2018 - Congratulations to the TBEP Pumpkin Carving Team (Translational Booooo-ology) on their MaRS pumpkin contest win for their rendition of the Alien chest-burster. The RFG lab was represented by Katy.

09/2018 - Welcome to our new lab members: Gary, Katy, and Cristina! Check them out and see the latest lab photo at the People tab.